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Professional in Systemisch werk & opstellingen

Demian Burgenik

Demian Burgenik

Werkzaam als coach en trainer

Demian is from San Martin de los Andes, Patagonia Argentina.

I live in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the last decade together with my partner Eunice and our daughte’s Uma & Maélin.

I believe in the delicate balance between Order & Chaos: a place where Essential Dynamics can emerge. Also in the influence of the context towards the individual as well as the natural law’s of ‘auto-compensation’. I believe in anger & joy, in death & life. And, in all what is beyond our understanding or translation into words: The ‘Unnamed’.

From there is the place where i deliver my work to teams and individuals. In the public and the private sector. For short or extended periods.

When I work I use a tool-box of methods, technics and approaches. Being systemic work one of my favourites. Is by this method that I saw & experience the impact on teams and individuals of the unseen (under the Iceberg). Individuals get to ‘understand’ and perceive their ‘truly’ place in life and let streams of clarity and energy flow through them. Resolving old unsolved matters. It’s really amazing… 

I experience it as creating the circumstances and providing the environment where time-space are main factors to let content and connection at the service of transformation. Through the years Taoism and Systemic-Approach have been the methods I adopted in my way of living and in my practice; Providing to my clients an Easter & Wester philosophical view of their current situation. 

When you work with me you will find me as someone who is totally present and assertive. Embracing life in the totality and daring for taking you to the uncomfortable and transcendental places. 

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